San Francisco City Hall 10 Year Anniversary Photo Session

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One of the most beautiful locations in San Francisco to get married at is in City Hall. An architectural marvel, its beauty is known worldwide and even Marilyn Monroe was married here to Joe Dimaggio. I have the honor of photographing not just local couples, but those traveling to bay area as well.

I was thrilled to hear from wedding photographer and Mrs. Cosmos International 2021, Katy Clatterbaugh when she told me she planned on traveling to San Francisco for her ten year wedding anniversary. She’s always wanted to have a photo shoot here and this occasion was the perfect time to capture her enduring love story with her lovely husband.

One of my tips when booking a photoshoot at San Francisco City Hall is to be prepared to arrive early. City Hall is open Monday-Friday from 8-5pm and the earlier the better. After 10am it tends to get busy and getting a portrait on the staircase can be a circus. Going early will ensure a less stressful time and will have significantly less people in the background of your portraits.

Not sure what to wear? We think City Hall is the perfect time to go glam. Whether that’s a voluminous ballgown or a short and chic feather trimmed dress, have fun with the details that exude enchantment and movement. The main staircase is perfect for a long train moment.

My last tip is to remember that there are various locations at San Francisco City Hall you can use for your portraits. There’s the inside of city hall but also there are great views from behind the building as well as in front of the doors that are gilded with the words ‘City Hall’. There is also a tree lane across the street that is green with bistro lights in the summer/early fall that looks so magical if you have the time and desire for something a little more natural feeling. The closest parking garage is the Civic Center Garage that is located underground directly across from city hall. The address is  355 McAllister St, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States.

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Not sure where to start in your elopement planning? Download our free checklist to get organized and breathe easy.



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