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I love the beginning of a new year, and instead of leading with the cliche “New Year, New Me” spiel I’m going to give you a list of suggestions on when you should get professional portraits taken throughout the year to really treasure the memories for generations to come.

And No, you shouldn’t have to hire a professional photographer for every birthday and event in your life but there are some pretty special moments I’d like to take the time to acknowledge.

Family Portraits

These are some of my favorite sessions because usually I’m working with a family over multiple years watching their little ones grow up, develop their personalities, and really capture the family dynamic in different seasons.

You should get professional family photography at least once a year. I get the bulk of my family sessions in the fall or winter months during the holidays when loved ones are together, the light is magical, and they are an easy transition into giftable holiday cards. (By the way did I mention I’m a partner with Basic Invite where you can land 20% off cards?!)

Family Portraits are perfect for documenting the ages and sharing with grandparents and family members. Plus, who doesn’t love looking back at old trendy hairstyles? Scrunchies made a comeback afterall :p

Again, professional family photos are what you want for your home office desk, fireplace mantel, family tree projects, social media, and memorable gifts. It’s an investment that keeps on giving.

Maternity/Baby Portraits

These sessions are very special and take lots of care. Along with the hundreds of photos you will take on your phone while your body changes and your baby grows, here are my suggestions for professional images.

  • Maternity photos are typically taken between the 7-8th month of pregnancy. The stomach has a nice rounded shape and mothers typically still feel comfortable moving around to pose for photos. I highly recommend sensible shoes if planning on doing any climbing even if it is something usually easy. (I have a Pinterest board of outfit inspiration here.)
  • Professional Baby Photos are best taken when they are a Newborn, sleeping peacefully to share with family and put in your albums and at one year old. You can slip in a 6 month shoot, however if you are being cost-conscious, 12 months is the way to go and will show a big difference from baby’s first photos.


In this digital era it’s becoming more important for individuals to establish their personal branding. Whether on social media, Linkedin, or for professional documents or articles, it’s always a good idea to have a recent headshot.

I aim to have my own headshot taken at least once a year to update my website content. When having your headshot taken it’s best to get a variety of poses so you have different options for different mediums.

Staple Poses Include:

  • Shoulders Up Headshot
  • Waist Up Headshot
  • Standing Portrait
  • Sitting Portrait
  • Closed Mouth Smile Portait
  • Teeth Smile Portrait
  • * I also recommend at least 2 outfits or at least a blazer/outer layer you can take off
  • *For women: 1 with hair up, 1 with hair down
  • * Keep accessories minimal, clothing wrinkle-free, hair out of face

Additionally check out my guide on 5 Tips for Polished Linkedin Headshots.

  1. […] to reach out for additional styling advice at anytime. As mentioned in my previous blog post about 2021 – A Fresh Start for Portraits, maternity photos are typically taken between the 7-8th month of pregnancy for shape and […]

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Not sure where to start in your elopement planning? Download our free checklist to get organized and breathe easy.



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